Taking the First Step

Getting in the habit of doing a new activity can be difficult. Many people are not in a rush to do any type of exercise. Your schedule might be filled with other things to do, or you are susceptible to the oh-so-familiar procrastination. As the old saying goes, “The first step is always the hardest.” So how can you encourage yourself to get up and finally try that yoga class, and take the first step? I searched for some ideas that may help you get on a path to becoming a yoga regular. 1. Figure out Why Yoga A first step would be to establish why you want to try yoga in the first place. Is it for better health? Do you want to be more fit? Are you searching for a stress reliever? All three reasons are great starting points for beginning a journey to a yoga studio. When you decide yoga is going to be beneficial for your well being, attempting the class will have more meaning behind it. Trying yoga only because your favorite celebrity is doing it might get you excited. However, that lack of a personal desire might keep you in the procrastination and “I’m too busy” arena. Knowing Matthew McConaughey does yoga can get you interested, but it probably will not get you to try it out. On the other hand, researching the benefits of yoga can help you view yoga as beneficial instead of just interesting. Learning the health benefits of yoga is a great encouragement to give it a try. Here is a link to an article about yoga’s health benefits: http://blyssbrand.com/medicine-never-knew-needed/ 2. Discover your Yoga Type While you’re researching yoga’s benefits, try to discover the type of yoga you would be interested in. Nothing is more discouraging than entering an exercise studio that is too advanced or not your style in general. Several beginners will attempt Hatha Yoga first, because the style is slow-paced stretching and simple breathing. Though, some people may prefer a more energetic yoga style, and there is a class for that as well. Here is a link to a concise list of yoga styles: http://yoga.about.com/od/typesofyoga/a/yogatypes.htm 3. Find a Yoga Studio Once you have decided on a style of yoga, it is time to search for a yoga class. You will be able to quickly find a class near you through an online search. You can also check the newspaper or magazines. Your neighborhood gym probably provides a yoga class. Try to get information on the yoga teacher as well. Like any student/teacher situation, the class can be wonderful or horrible depending on how well you like your instructor. To get you started, here is a link to a list of yoga studios in Phoenix, Arizona. If you do not live in Arizona, simply type your city and state in the search engine at the top of the webpage: http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Yoga+Studio&find_loc=Phoenix%2C+AZ 4. Have the right Yoga Gear Next, make sure you have some comfortable clothing. Typically, people wear form fitting shirts/tanks and yoga pants to class. The tighter clothing will help you not accidentally reveal extra skin when getting into different poses. You can find exceptional yoga attire at blyssbrand.com. Many yoga studios allow you to rent a yoga mat from them. Although, you can find affordable yoga mats at Ross or T.J. Maxx. Making that purchase of yoga gear can be an encouragement and great reason to try a yoga class. No one wants to waste his or her money on unused gear, right? With these steps, hopefully you are more inspired and more likely to try a yoga class. Be sure to ask a friend to tag along. Everything is better when we are in the company of friends. A yoga class near you is waiting patiently for your arrival. By Tiffany Washington

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