Yoga on Tumblr

Yoga on Tumblr Like any other activity, it may be a challenge to remain consistent with practicing yoga. Everyday life will give you plenty of excuses to skip out on a session. For those practicing the more difficult forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga, you might become discouraged by the demanding poses and necessary perseverance. One way you can get inspired to keep going is through blogs like this one. Reading other people’s yoga experiences, viewing yoga photography, and reading motivating quotes can encourage you to keep your yoga lifestyle up. There are several social media outlets that offer inspiring pages full of yoga. One of my favorite websites that has great blogs dedicated to yoga is Tumblr. I chose a couple of Tumblr yoga blogs that I feel are able to inspire. 1. Leslie Lewis Yoga: A wonderful experienced yoga instructor writes this Tumblr blog. She posts photos and videos of yoga poses. Her blurb below each one offers concise information on the pose and why it is worth trying. If you are in the New York area, you may want to try out her classes; she posts her class schedule as well. pic 1 2. Blueberry Yoga: An Ashtangi yoga student writes this lovely Tumblr blog. Here you will find all the inspirational quotes you can imagine. She also offers insight and opinions about each quote. She lets us know how we can apply the wise words she posts. pic 2 3. Dudes Doing Yoga: The title of this Tumblr blog is rather self-explanatory. Guys do yoga too, and this blog promotes it. You will find several captivating photos of yoga poses done by the blogger’s male friends and teachers. This is a perfect blog for guys who do yoga and for ladies who want their guy to try it. pic 3 Along with these Tumblr blogs, there are numerous websites out there created to help encourage us to continue or try yoga. Take some time out to find them. Hopefully, you will find something that will inspire you all the way to the yoga studio. By Tiffany Washington

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