Yoga on Pinterest

Yoga on Pinterest On a previous post, I showed you all great Tumblr blogs dedicated to yoga. Along with Tumblr, there are numerous social media sites that offer people the opportunity to post yoga inspired photos. One of my favorite sites is Pinterest. I have discovered wonderful yoga inspired Pinterest accounts that can inspire anyone to do yoga. pic 1 This Pinterest is filled with inspiring yoga poses. Each week, the worldwide yoga community can post their interpretation of various yoga poses. So, if there is a particularly difficult pose, one can find an alternate way to execute the pose through this Pinterest. With 166 boards and 12, 498 pins, there is more than enough material in this Pinterest to keep you busy. Find this Pinterest here: pic 2 This Pinterest is unique, because it is dedicated to a yoga magazine. You will be able to find yoga poses, healthy recipes, articles on yoga and so much more. My favorite board is Yogi inspiration. It is filled with quotes, poses, and encouraging yoga tips. Find this Pinterest here: pic 3 This Pinterest is the most popular yoga Pinterest on the site. It has everything one could search for on their yoga journey. My favorite boards are the Yoga Quotes and the Yoga Art. Wise words and captivating artwork are some of my favorite things, and this Pinterest provides them both. I also like to view the Surf Yoga and Aerial Yoga boards. Yoga always looks cool, but it looks so much more awesome when done in the middle of the ocean on top of a surfboard or suspended in the air. Find this Pinterest here: pic 4 Blyss Brand has a Pinterest of our own! Be sure to check it out, and follow the amazing boards. From the healthy recipes to the weekly poses, you will not be disappointed. Find our Pinterest here:

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