Stay Calm and Meditate

Stay Calm and Meditate My mind is anything but silent. I constantly have creative ideas, irrational scenarios, and random memories pop into my head. Time and time again, however, I am told that meditation is an exceptional stress reliever. Anything that can help me have a less worrisome mind is something I need in my life. Thus, I have taken the time to explore various techniques and simple steps for meditating. The first technique I discovered is concentration meditation. During concentration meditation, the person must focus on one single point. This point could be repeating a mantra or staring at a cup. Focusing on one thing is very hard, so it may take a while before the beginner can concentrate for long periods of time. Whenever your mind wanders, regain focus on your single point (1). Mindfulness meditation is a second technique. This is when you actually allow thoughts to wander in your mind. You should not become engulfed in any of the thoughts, however. This technique helps one become aware of what is going on in their mind. Self-control can also be developed with this technique, since you are not allowing your thoughts to dictate your mood or actions (1). Now that you are aware of a couple of techniques, here are some simple steps on how to actually meditate. First, have good posture. You should be sitting straight up in a chair or on the floor. “If you are slumped your mind will drift. Mind and body are intertwined” (2). Second, focus on something. For beginners, it may be best to use your own breathing as the focus. It may be best to meditate in a quiet area, although some people prefer meditation music to help them concentrate. Breathe naturally. If you are a beginner, meditate for only ten minutes. Do not force yourself to meditate longer than you are comfortable with. Further, you do not need to be already relaxed before you meditate. If you have strong emotions inside of you ahead of time, be sure to focus on how your body feels. Do not focus on the predicament that led to the emotion. Focus on the tightness around the chest or the rapidly beating heart. In theory, it is extremely easy to meditate. However, the mind is a difficult thing to control. Hopefully these techniques and tips for meditating will encourage you to give it a try. Stay calm and meditate. By Tiffany Washington s-how 2.

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