Energy Boosting Lunch Foods

During the morning, people have coffee to stay energized. A boost of energy is not necessary during dinner, since most people are heading to bed afterwards. So what about lunchtime? If you are like me, the middle of the day can be the most draining. We are crashing from the morning coffee, tired from work, and we probably did not get enough sleep the night before to begin with. I have researched a few energy-boosting lunch foods that can provide a healthier alternative to another cup of coffee or an energy drink. There are many simple energy boosting lunch foods that can help us get through the rest of the day: Turkey, Swiss, and Avocado Sandwich turkey-avocado-harvarty-cheese1 This simple yet impactful sandwich is filled with energy. The turkey contains stress-relieving tryptophan and vitamin B6. Added oregano will provide a natural anti-inflammatory, which can relieve stress. The avocado is high in fiber and rich in monosaturated fats, which are good fats your body uses to create energy quickly. Swiss cheese contains vitamin B12 that boosts energy. Whole wheat bread takes longer to digest, which gives your body sustained energy. This sandwich is a complete wake up call. Melons melon You can pack your lunch with cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon. Since melons are filled with water, they keep you hydrated. Staying filled with water combats fatigue. Melons also contain energizing minerals and vitamins. Melons can be eaten as snacks throughout the day as well. Cottage Cheese Salad salad This simple salad is covered in health benefits. The cottage cheese provides protein, an excellent energy booster that keeps you full, and calcium. Bell peppers are rich with vitamin c, which aids our body’s healing process. Tomatoes provide us with Vitamins A, C, K, folate and potassium. This salad will surely prepare you for the next half of your workday. Citrus Mint Iced Green Tea iced-tea-pitcher-glass-jug-cold-drink-lemon-mint-wooden-table-over-abstract-background-44879218 Aside from water, tea is a solid choice for a healthy energy boosting lunch beverage. Make some green tea of your choice. Add orange slices and ice. Garnish the beverage with mint, which is a natural stimulant that combats fatigue and depression. Green tea provides us with the energy coffee can offer without the crash or jittering. Along with these lunch ideas, be sure to include daily exercise in your routine. Exercising will make you have more energy. Try a yoga class near your job so that you can have an energy boosting lunch and an energy-boosting workout after work. By Tiffany Washington Resources,,20410053,00.html

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