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Energy Boosting Lunch Foods

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

During the morning, people have coffee to stay energized. A boost of energy is not necessary during dinner, since most people are heading to bed afterwards. So what about lunchtime? If you are like me, the middle of the day can be the most draining. We are crashing from the morning coffee, tired from work, and we probably did not get enough sleep the night before to begin with. I have researched a few energy-boosting lunch foods that can provide a healthier alternative to another cup of coffee or an energy drink. There are many simple energy boosting lunch foods that can help us get through...

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Stay Calm and Meditate

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Stay Calm and Meditate My mind is anything but silent. I constantly have creative ideas, irrational scenarios, and random memories pop into my head. Time and time again, however, I am told that meditation is an exceptional stress reliever. Anything that can help me have a less worrisome mind is something I need in my life. Thus, I have taken the time to explore various techniques and simple steps for meditating. The first technique I discovered is concentration meditation. During concentration meditation, the person must focus on one single point. This point could be repeating a...

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Yoga Smoothie

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Yoga is known for helping people feel relaxed, calm, and healthier. The mind, body and soul can be positively impacted by consistently attending a yoga class. A yoga session does not last all day however. What is a great way for someone to continue being tranquil and healthy after yoga class? Recently stretched out and exercised muscles go great with a smoothie. There are so many smoothie recipes that can provide people with various benefits. I have researched some of the best smoothies for a post yoga workout. Black Forest Smoothie If your yoga workout was intense and your muscles...

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Taking the First Step

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Getting in the habit of doing a new activity can be difficult. Many people are not in a rush to do any type of exercise. Your schedule might be filled with other things to do, or you are susceptible to the oh-so-familiar procrastination. As the old saying goes, “The first step is always the hardest.” So how can you encourage yourself to get up and finally try that yoga class, and take the first step? I searched for some ideas that may help you get on a path to becoming a yoga regular. 1. Figure out Why Yoga A first step would be to establish why you want to try yoga in the first...

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Scientific Yoga for Students

Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Scientific Yoga for Students Many students search for new ways to boost their academic performance. To stay awake during dense lectures, students turn to coffee. With hopes of memorizing notes, students study in groups instead of alone. Caffeine and study groups are only a fraction of what college students have discovered works for academic success. Scientists have also discovered various tools that can be used for the aspiring graduate. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Yoga can not only decrease stress levels, but it can also increase academic performance. 800...

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